Certification Process

The CLM certificate verifies that the land manager is continuously improving environmental and animal welfare outcomes. It:

  • operates across all activities operating on the land for which the certification applies
  • takes account of landscape-wide environmental considerations
  • provides support for biodiversity conservation, and
  • complies with the internationally accepted ISO14001 management standard.

Certification is based on an initial on-property environmental and animal welfare review and audit by an ALMG accredited auditor. The on-property review and audit is supported by an annual report and desktop audit.

The focus of the audit is on the implementation and effectiveness of the CLM Management Plan.

The annual certification is issued after the landholder pays a certification fee. Landholders must also be signatories to the ALMG Code of Practice.

Once the certification process is completed by landholders, then subject to standard conditions the CLM trademark can be displayed on their products and business branding, identifying them as leaders in environmental and animal welfare management in their marketplace.

The ALMG certification fee varies according to the self-declared gross value of production from the land for which the certification applies. The fee scale for 2011-2013 is:

ALM Group Certification Fees (2011-2013)
Gross annual property income
Fee ( excluding GST)
< $100,000 $150
$100,000-$250,000 $250
 $250,000-$500,000  $350
 $500,000-$1 million  $500
 $1 million-$5 million  $500 plus 0.05% of gross income between
$1 and $5 m
 $5 million-$10 million  $2,500 plus 0.03% of gross income from $5 to $10 m
 $10 million-$20 million  $4,000 plus 0.02% of gross income from $10 to $20 m
 > $20m  By negotiation