The ALM Group has participating landholders in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. The group will expand into Western Australia and Tasmania when opportunities arise.

Proving the versatility of the Certified Land Management (CLM) system, participating landholders range from large corporate landholders such as TVF Pastoral, through to smaller, family-based operations. As with most Australian landholders, CLM landholders operate across two or more industries, including grazing, cropping, horticulture, tourism and forestry. CLM is designed to operate on a  whole-of-farm basis with a strong focus on integrating production and conservation outcomes. More landholders are setting land aside mainly for conservation,and this management option can be successfully and easily incorporated into the CLM system.

To put this into context, there is no land management certification system in Australia besides the successful organic movement that would go anywhere near matching this coverage. There is a need for organics, but there is also a need for a less prescriptive system for landholders who want to improve profitability, productivity, environmental and animal welfare outcomes and to get recognition. This is what CLM is.