To get involved, contact the Australian Land Management Group (ALM Group) by completing the contact form or by phoning or emailing any one of the ALM Group people listed on the contact page. We will contact you within two to five working days.

ALM Group will discuss your situation and, with you, decide the best way for you to start towards certification. If there is a group of landholders involved, this might include a face-to-face presentation by someone from ALM Group.

Getting started with your certification

Once you decide to adopt the Certified Land Management (CLM) system, ALM Group will work with you and any other interested landholders in your region to sort out the most effective way for you to develop, with the help of an ALM Group accredited trainer, a Certified Land Management Plan using our web-based planning software. It is most cost efficient and often more effective for landholders to do this together in a workshop with an ALM Group accredited trainer.

Developing your plan

To develop your Certified Land Management Plan, you list all the property activities, the aspects of those activities that might have environmental impacts and what those impacts are.

You then do a risk analysis and assign priority rankings to the impacts you have identified, customised for your own property.

After this you develop a management plan to address the causes of those important impacts. The myEMS software dramatically reduces the work load involved in doing this.

Achieving certification

To achieve certification you need to implement your plan, which is then reviewed by an auditor. The review assesses how the plan has been implemented and whether outcomes are being monitored. If there are no problems, the auditor will recommend certification.

After this, you then enter into an annual review and audit cycle.

The animal welfare component runs in parallel with the environmental considerations.

All landholders who sign up to develop a Certified Land Management Plan receive copies of relevant manuals, access to the web-based software and the support of an ALMG accredited trainer/auditor. Landholders with certification receive an attractive farm gate sign and various certification documents.


The cost of delivery varies according to how you work with the ALM Group trainer (face-to-face or remotely; singularly or in a group).

As a guide, in the first year landholders usually work as part of a group doing a CLM Start Workshop and CLM Review Workshop each at an indicative cost per business of $800 plus GST for family owned/managed businesses.

The CLM Start and Review Workshops cover:

  • Use of the CLM system and the myEMS web-based management software
  • Use of an extensive environmental and animal welfare information bank
  • Search of relevant legislation using the legislative tool in the myEMS software
  • Four days inputs from an accredited trainer and up to four days inputs from an approved technical adviser
  • Use of a computer training facility if required
  • Provision of a monitoring manual, various support documents and lunch catering
  • Framed certificate and a CLM gate sign

After this there is an indicative annual CLM business fee of $300 plus a certification fee graded according to the gross value of production from the land for which the certification applies. The minimum certification fee is $150 plus GST grading up to, for instance, $500 plus GST for a gross income of between $500,000 and $1 million.

Want to know more?

Download the CLM brochure (PDF).