Tony Gleeson to participate in NRM Planning for Resilience


ALMG CEO Tony Gleeson has been invited to participate in the NRM Planning for Resilience Conference being held in Sydney this month. As part of a panel discussion Tony will  present a landholder perspective on moves to align support for improving NRM with ‘resilience thinking’. To give you a taste of what he will be talking see his contributions to the conference newsletter below.

ALMG project to bring together agencies and land managers

With support from the Biodiversity Fund the Australian Land Management Group (ALMG) will shortly commence a project to bring together the needs and capabilities of all levels of government, catchment management authorities/regional NRM organisations and those of land managers. This will be done through implementation of the Certified Land Management (CLM) system. CLM provides a credible base upon which communities and consumers may better connect with improved land management.

This project is an important step towards the evolution of market and other drivers to improve land management. It will also go a long way to address the high transaction costs and stop-start problems inherent in most NRM support activities.

Support practical outcomes

Every decade or so the NRM industry creates a new paradigm, a particular way of viewing an unchanging ecological reality. At times this new vision partners with political influence to use centralised networks to constrain diversity. It is particularly ironic that today’s new paradigm is called ‘resilience thinking’ given that its overt and less detectable impositions are likely to reduce resilience. Fortunately, however, the wellbeing of rural landscapes is primarily determined by the collective decisions, good and bad, of many land managers. It may well be that what taxpayers and landholders need is for the NRM industry to support land managers who demonstrate good outcomes and for fewer resources to be siphoned off in esoteric pursuits.