Share Your Views on Innovation in Natural Resource and Animal Welfare Management


The Australian Land Management Group is inviting you to contribute to the future of agriculture in Australia by joining the Innovation in Natural Resource and Animal Welfare Management discussion forum on LinkedIn.

The forum will run until Friday 6 June. Outcomes from forum discussions will be presented at the National Symposium on Innovation in Natural Resources and Animal Welfare Management—Agricultural Competitiveness, to be held in Brisbane 11 June, and used to set the agenda for discussion and decision making.

More than 40 leading Australian policy thinkers and decision makers will convene at the national symposium to identify and progress tools to improve environmental and animal welfare management and to identify actions needed to enable innovation in natural resource management.

This symposium will work to directly influence the future direction of Australian agriculture policy.

You have the opportunity to influence the outcome at this event by guiding and contributing to the discussion in the preceding online forum. Discussion topics will be posted at regular intervals, and comment invited from all stakeholders and anyone with an interest in the future of Australian agriculture.

Visit the online forum to join the discussion now, or download the symposium brief.

"We look forward to hearing your views and working together to help shape a bright and prosperous future for Australian agriculture," said ALMG CEO Tony Gleeson.