Support for verifying environmental and animal welfare performance


In September 2011 a broadly based panel comprising representatives from industries and agencies across Australia endorsed the need for verification of environmental and animal welfare performance.

The panel met in Canberra and was convened by ALM Group to develop integrated whole-of-farm approaches across industry, government and NGOs.

One of the major outcomes of the meeting was that a cross cutting approach was necessary for any system designed to verify environmental and animal welfare performance.

Key elements of this approach were that it:

  • be voluntary
  • be applicable nationally across land uses and industries on a property-by-property, landscape linked basis
  • integrates across all ecosystem components, including land ,water, vegetation , biodiversity and climate change
  • be based on internationally recognised standards adapted to meet Australian requirements
  • incorporates information and tools already available on an industry or regional basis
  • be able to be adapted to meet individual industry or regional marketing and other requirements.

Other outcomes were that any verification system be driven by benefits and that beneficiaries should share the cost.

You can download a summary of the meeting, including the agenda and participants, and a copy of the ALM Group position paper.