Funding for SW Qld NRM region for groundcover


Funding for SW QLD NRM region for groundcover

Graziers and land managers in the South West NRM region (Bulloo, Paroo, Warrego and Nebine Catchments) are invited to apply for project funding to improve ground cover outcomes. The aim of these on-ground projects is to enhance land management practices or regenerate land to reduce wind and water erosion.

Grants of $5,000 - $10,000 are available to landholders, and offer cash incentives for approved projects, for up to 50% of the project cost. Landholder’s contributions may include cash costs, materials, machinery use or labour. Funding for on-ground works will be awarded to successful applicants through a competitive tender process, and must demonstrate value for money, use of cost effective methods and outcomes consistent with the program aim. The projects will be assessed on technical feasibility and efficacy in achieving outcomes.

Project examples include:

·         Electric fencing to implement rotational grazing.

·         Water spreading to increase water infiltration and ground cover.

·         Fencing of strategic waters for total grazing pressure control.

·         Fencing and off stream watering points for riparian protection.

Project Conditions

If your project is successful you will be required to sign a contract and fulfil reporting requirements. On-ground monitoring to measure the outcomes of the project will be required, and South West NRM staff will provide assistance.

Application Process

To apply, contact your local District NRM Coordinator to discuss the project idea, technical feasibility and to ensure that the project is consistent with the funding aims.  (Contact details are below.) You will then be helped prepare a project application. All applications must be submitted via your local District NRM Coordinator.


Daniel Wingett (07) 4656 8518, 0429 893 994

Keith Walker (07) 4656 8529, 0488796765 


Ange Sherwin (07) 4656 8541, 0429 054 600


Jean Prow (07) 4656 8542, 0428 220 136 


Suzanne Nicholls (07) 4656 8543, 0428 881 693